The 'BPKA' covers all aspects of Power Kiting and will continue to adopt new Power Kiting activities as and when they arrive.


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The BPKA is the largest independent power kiting club in the world with over four thousand members who participate in sports such as Kite Buggying, Kite Surfing, Kite Landboarding, Kiting Skiing and Power Kiting.


If you want to join the club use the BPKA menu option at the top of the page where you will be able to download an application form.


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From Da Vinci's sketches of the Helical Air Screw to the dreams of the Wright Brother a mere century ago; human aviation has evolved at such a fervent rate that Birds, whom themselves took 50 million years to get off the ground themselves, will certainly be watching us with fear and envy.


Gone are the days of traditional kiting where aviation dreams were built from wood and string. In this day and age there are a million ways you can get yourself and your gadgets into the air. Cutting edge aviation technology is currently taking to the skies by storm.


Helicopter technology has been shrunk to fit inside crafts that you can safely navigate through your office; while multi-rotor drones now offer extremely precise manoeuvrability in the air; levels of precision and control that where unimaginable a few years ago offering aviation enthusiasts the ability to reach new heights for recreational of reconnaissance purposes.


Simultaneously, flying cars are currently being tested that would allow travellers to transition from motorways to airways in a matter of seconds.


As we further explore air exploitation the question of whether it is a bird or a plane will soon become redundant.



Membership Card

Every member of the BPKA or its affiliates carry a membership card. This card details the name, membership number and expiry date and should be used as proof of current membership at all times.


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On the reverse of the card is a swipeable strip and an abridged version of the policy document, indicating contact details, policy number and specific sports covered.


If a person does not have a card available they should have a 'Confirmation of Insurance' document. No other documentation should be accepted.
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